European Social Report

The European Social Report was prepared and published in 2008 and 2009 by TÁRKI Social Research Institute. The 2008 Report provides an overview of demographic, labour market, income and housing situation of households in Europe. The basic data source used is the "Community Statistics on Income and Living Conditions" survey of the European Union (EUSILC) of 2005, accompanied by a number of other sources with a Europe-wide focus. Download the full report here.

The 2009 Report seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the similarities and differences between the European societies of the enlarged European Union. The report concentrates on the perceptions, opinions and attitudes of Europeans. From the wide range of potential issues we selected those fields that are most relevant to economic activity. The analyses included in this book were prepared as part of a research programme entitled "The Social and Cultural Conditions of Economic Growth". The research programme included, among other projects, an empirical study called "The Normative Framework of Market Economy", as well as the Hungarian part of the fifths wave of “World Values Survey”. The research was conducted by István György Tóth with the assistance of Tamás Keller. Download the full report here.