Prof. Dr. Endre Sik

Endre Sík
senior researcher
sik at tarki dot hu
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Sik Endre


Endre Sik (DSc (sociology) (habil)), senior researcher at TÁRKI, professor at Debrecen University and professor emeritus at ELTE University. Ha was the director of the National Focal Point of the European Union Centre for Monitoring Race and Xenophobia and the chairman of Refuge – Association for Helping Migrants. He also served as the president of the Hungarian Sociological Association. His main research fields are migration, xenophobia, methodology and economic sociology. He has recently participated in four FP7 projects (STYLE, EUBORDERREGIONS, WORKCARE SYNERGY, and ENRI-EAST), a project on migrant integration (Concordia Discourse, financed by DG Justice), and lead the methodology committee of a project on migrants in the media (FRA). His previous migration related international projects are numerous including LOCALMULTIDEM (on the political activity of migrants and refugees, FP6), ARGO (economic and irregular migration, IOM), Diaspora politics in Hungary, Russia and Ukraine, COLPI), etc.