Researchers: Péter Róbert and Matild Sági
The Higher Education as a Generator of Strategic Competences (HEGESCO) project addresses two broad questions: (a) which competences do higher education graduates require in order to be better equipped for labour demand and active citizenship? and (b) how should higher education institutions develop these competences? HEGESCO consists of the following work packages and tasks, which have been designed to provide answers to the above two questions:


Towards a Lifelong Learning Society in Europe - LLL 2010


EAL-NET (EuroAlmaLaurea Network, 2005-2007)


Households, Work and Flexibility (FP6, 2000-03)


Social quality and the changing relationship between work, care and welfare in Europe (FP6, 2006)


Study on Social Dimension in the Candidate Countries (BALKANDIDE)

Coordinator: Róbert Gál

TARKI was the lead contractor for this project. In addition to TARKI, the consortium consisted of two other institutes: the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS, Brussels) and the Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE, Warsaw).

Pension reform

Pension reform - Pension Reform and Intergenerational Redistribution in Hungary (National Research and Development Fund)
In a generational accounting analysis, we separated the long-term effects of the main components of the comprehensive 1997 Hungarian pension reform. This calculation was later revised and extended using retrospective data in order to quantify intergenerational redistribution in the Hungarian pension system through the complete life-cycles of subsequent generations.