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Households, Work and Flexibility

HWF Infoletter #01 (2002 July)

The project aims to look at three types of flexibilisation in comparative perspective: flexibility of time (working hours), and flexibility of conditions (short term contract instead of permanent posts, for example). The countries chosen are: Sweden, Netherlands and UK in Western Europe and Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania among the transition countries. These countries have been chosen because they represent different approaches and experiences of flexibility. In each country different kinds of policies have been introduced into with actual work behaviour. The project is co-ordinated from Austria. (www.hwf.at)

The main research instrument will be a representative sample survey, to be carried out in the first year in each of the partner countries. From this survey, it will be possible to consider the actual behaviour of households in the target countries and how far these are shaped by different policies and regulations. This survey will be analysed and the results disseminated first at a national level in the respective countries and then the results will be analysed in comparative perspective to provide an international overview.

The project will aim therefore to bring together general trends and regulations at a macro level with households behaviour and responses at a micro level over the period of three years (1999-2003). It will also enable for the first time, the systematic comparison of these factors between the Western and Eastern halves of Europe including the countries in the new accession negotiations. It will help to show similarities and disparities in their paths of development.

The whole project will result in a series of papers at both national level and at a comparative level and in the construction of a data base of results which can be disseminated through national data archives.

Dissemination at an international level will be undertaken by the co-ordinator and all Partners at a variety of academic conferences and in the form of policy briefings considering the policy implications of the main results.

For further information, please contact the project responsible: Mr Endre Sik.


» Literature review: Household, Work and Flexibility

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