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A Society Transformed


A Society Transformed
Hungary in Time-Space Perspective

Edited by: Rudolf Andorka, Tamás Kolosi, Richard Rose, György Vukovich

Spring 1999
206 pages
Paper: ISBN 963-9116-49-1
Central European University Press

CEU PRESS H-1051 Budapest, Október 6. utca 12., Hungary
E-mail: ceupress@osi.hu
web: www.osi.hu/ceupress
A Society Transformed

In the past half-century every Central and East European society has been twice subject to transformation. Initially, Hungary was transformed by Communist-style modernization; increasing industry, expanding secondary education and improving health. The second shock was the collapse of the Communist regime and the introduction of democratic institutions and a market economy. How much or how little impact has institutional change had on the lives of ordinary people?

Census and survey data, tables and graphics highlight the extent of Iong-term social, economic and political change in Hungary from 1945 to 1998. The data highlights what was changing in the Communist era and what was stagnating – as well as showing the impact of introducing democracy and a market economy. To evaluate the tempo of change, comparison is made with Germany and Austria and other Central European Post-Communist countries.


Introduction: Scaling change in Hungary

Chapter 1: Long-term modernization of Hungarian society

Chapter 2: Population: birth; marriage and death

Chapter 3: Denomination and religious practice

Chapter 4: The scope of the state and private sectors

Chapter 5: The post-Communist economic elite

Chapter 6: The middle strata in transformation

Chapter 7: Consciousness of inequality

Chapter 8: Welfare programmes and the alleviation of poverty

Chapter 9: Dissatisfaction and alienation

Chapter 10: Parties and social divisions: a common East-Central European pattern?

Chapter 11: The long and the short of transformation in Central Europe

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