Béla Janky's recent article on labeling asylum seekers in Hungary is now published 

The paper titled Changing Connotations and the Evolution of the Effect of Wording: Labeling Asylum Seekers in a Political Campaign investigates the moderating role of public discourse in the effects of labeling asylum seekers (as “immigrants” vs. “refugees”) on attitudes toward asylum policy. The study relies on a series of survey experiments conducted in Hungary, in a period when asylum policy suddenly became a highly salient issue there.

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CEASEVAL working paper “The case of Hungary – de Wilde goes wild” by Éva Bognár, Endre Sik and Ráchel Surányi has been published

The paper analyses the characteristics of politicization of the public debate in Hungary surrounding the EU quota of refugees. It focuses on two major disputes: the ‘quota debate’ of 2015 and the ‘quota referendum’ of 2016 in two major public for a: the media and the parliament and it analyses data on public opinion during these years. 

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The Hungarian Social Report 2019 is now released

The 2019 edition (the first in English since 2004, the year of Hungary's accession to the EU) of the bi-annual Hungarian Social Report series provides a cross section overview of various aspects of the current Hungarian society, and it also presents time series analyses of societal changes in the three historic decades of the post-communist Hungary. The book pays particular attention on social structure and mobility, health status, education and housing conditions as well as on attitudes and political preferences. The topics are presented in an international context by comparing data from Hungary and other EU Member States. The broad coverage in its 19 chapters, authored by major Hungarian experts of their fields makes the book an unbeatable source for all those wishing to understand the contemporary Hungarian society.

Tárki ranks high again on the 2018 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report

The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania conducts research annually on think tanks all over the world. The Global Go To Think Tank Index Report summarizes the results by categorizing and listing world leading think tanks. We appear on 7 listings of the annual report this year.

Decent Incomes for All. Improving Policies in Europe - a new book from Oxford University Press, with contributions of Tarki staff.

Published by Oxford University Press, the authors of the new book (edited by Bea Cantillon, Tim Goedemé, and John Hills), shed new light on recent poverty trends in the European Union and the corresponding responses by European welfare states. They analyze the effect of social and fiscal policies before, during, and after the recent economic crisis and study the impact of alternative policy packages on poverty and inequality. Tarki staff contributed to Chapter 1 on reference budgets and Chapter 2 on employment and poverty dynamics before, during, and after the crisis in Europe.

For more on the book: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/decent-incomes-for-all-9780190849696?cc=hu&lang=en&#

New book on "Rent-Seekers, Profits, Wages and Inequality"

The book of Iván Szelényi (Tárki board member, Yale and NYU Emeritus Professor), co-authored with Péter Mihályi (Professor at CEU and Corvinus University), published by Palgrave Macmillan, provides a timely contribution to contemporary debates about inequality of incomes and wealth. It focuses on the top earning 20% of society (rather than the top 1 or 0.1%), addresses the role of rent in issues such as class reproduction, wealth, sources of social instability and inequality, and provides a “post-classical” narrative of political economy.

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