ISSP - International Social Survey Programme

International Social Survey Programme - ISSP (1986- annual, ongoing)
TÁRKI has been involved in an international comparative programme (International Social Survey Programme, ISSP) since 1986. As part of this research, a questionnaire (designed to take about half an hour to complete) is translated word for word. The survey was originally carried out in five or six countries, but latterly more than 40 countries have participated, including European countries, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Israel, South Africa and some Latin American countries. The ISSP's topics change from year to year, but essentially it compares international public opinions and attitudes. So far TÁRKI has carried out research into topics such as social relationships, social inequalities, women and the family, attitudes to work, unemployment, religiousness, protection of the environment and national identity. The ISSP archive is the Zentralarchiv für Empirische Sozialforschung at the University of Cologne, Germany. The archive is responsible for archiving, integrating data and documentation and for the distribution of the merged international datasets for the Programme. Since 1997 the ZA is supported in the processing of data by the Spanish ISSP partner ASEP, Madrid. Visit the archive's own pages for detailed information on the ISSP archive. The ISSP Service Guide provides information about search facilities, codebooks and field-questionnaires, data-sets and products available, research, news and also about the archiving rules. You may contact the Zentralarchiv, if you have questions about the aggregated international ISSP datafiles. Documentation of the ISSP modules is available from the archive's web pages by clicking in the list below.

Data can be ordered from the arcive's order service.

  • Planned:
  • 2007 Leisure and Sports
  • 2008 Religion III
  • 2009 Social Inequality IV
You can browse ISSP publication at ISSP site.