Horizontal ex-ante evaluation / National Development Plans

Horizontal ex-ante evaluation of the new Hungarian Development Plan Operational Programs
The National Development Agency (NDA) commissioned a consortium led by TÁRKI Social Research Institute (sub-contractor: Kopint-Datorg) to prepare a horizontal evaluation of the effects of the priority axes and interventions defined in the Operational Programmes of the New Hungary Development Plan, according to the criteria set out in the invitation to tender. The horizontal dimensions analysed in the course of the evaluation are as follows: long-term economic development, long-term employment, public finances, disadvantaged social groups and social distribution. A separate executive summary belongs to the evaluation report.
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Preparation of National Development Plans (background studies and horisontal ax-ante evaluation)

TÁRKI is involved in different phases of the preparation of National Development Plans, and, in a wider context, in analysing and monitoring EU accession. In 2003, in a joint project with two other economic research institutes, a paper was prepared on the short-term economic and social consequences for Hungary of EU enlargement. At a later stage, different development scenarios were drawn up and their social impact projected from the standpoint of social stratification, social exclusion, etc. Institutional aspects were also investigated, with special emphasis being placed on education and the labour market. TÁRKI is currently involved in a National Development Office project aimed at providing a solid methodological foundation on which to analyse the social impact of development policy.
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