EAL-NET (EuroAlmaLaurea Network, 2005-2007)
Our institute is the Hungarian partner in the EAL-NET (EuroAlmaLaurea) project. Its goal is to demonstrate the economic sustainability and the viability of a new transnational eRecruitment service aimed at university graduates and businesses. The EAL system is based on a 'graduate record', which every university already possesses for its own management and administrative purposes (personal data, student career, degree, other specialisations, etc.). This record can be enriched with additional data and information provided directly by the student just before graduation. In Hungary the graduate CVs are provided by ELTE University. EAL-NET is Trans-European in scope: it aims to extend the Italian initiative to six countries, including Hungary and Poland, and links together the most relevant stakeholders involved in eRecruitment (universities and employment agencies). The project originated from a preliminary feasibility study, which was financed by the European Union under the Leonardo da Vinci programme.
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